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And of course equal tenderness and proud we feel when talking about our queens. Each of them has her own, individual and unique character. They are incredibly amorous and irresistible! Each of our girls is a treasure! We love them very much and hope that they feel the same about us…


    color: blue point bicolor, 100% traditional pedigree


Our long wait was rewarded with this extraordinary beauty!


Welcome BLUEGRASRAGS AZURE LAKE! Super sweet and loving girl! Not only is she beautiful, but also very affectionate towards people as well as other cats! On top of that, Azure Like has a great, 100% traditional pedigree. Her type is extremely strong. She has a gorgeous head with a fantastic ear set, lovely profile and extremely strong chin, super soft rabbit coat and a strong body. We think she will be a great addition to our traditional breeding program. Thank you so much Cynthia cattery Bluegrassrags for allowing us to have this very pretty girl! 





Soulmates Crustaline - exceed all our expectations, she is amazingly beautiful and we just can not stop looking and admiring  at her! 

Crustaline  has a number of qualities that make her irresistible and so she very special girl!! She has  a very good structure and weight, beautiful harmonious proportions, perfect markings. In addition she such a darling  and pretty girl!

We can't thank her breeder Lora Tesh, cattery Soulmate's,  enough for allowing us to have her. Thank you dear Lora for perfect sweet lovely young lady. And allowing her to come and be a loving member of our big family!!!


color: seal point bicolor


    color: blue point bicolor

Meet our wonderful sweet O' Love You Baby! Very sweet and very beautiful girl! Baby possesses all the qualities that we wanted to see in the ragdolls. She is lovely in both type and temperament! This is a heavy muscular body, plush and soft coat, a wide muzzle with a beautiful profile, fantastic dark blue expressive eyes. This babygirl is affectionate and positive! Her purring is so gentle and pleasant ... We could not be happier to accept her! Many thanks Lora, cattery Soulmate's for the trust and the luxurious princess! We hope that in the future, she will give us super babies!






This amazing little girl came to us from a very well-known and respected cattery Darlin'Lil'Dolls in Canada. She has wonderful sweet face with a magnificent blaze, beautiful colour of eyes and tremendous individuality. Thank you, dear GAIL for the fantastic kitty!


color: seal point mitted



    color: seal lynx point bicolor



Meet our adorable Taiss! Our Taiss has very sweet expression, a short face with wide cheek pads and strong chin, lovely soft coat and very beautiful big expressive eyes!  She continues to get better and better with age!  Not only is she beautiful, but also very affectionate towards people! She has a very loving temperament and she ready to give love to everyone! We really love our girl and are so glad we have decided to keep her to be a part of our  breeding program.





 Our most doll cat who came to us from Canada by Gail cattery DarlinLiLDolls. Blonde, charm and gentleness itself! She is always in a good mood, friendly and gentle to all members of our extended family, including his brothers! This girl is very "manual" and always tries to take a place on the lap ... In addition, the Blonde has a 100% traditional lines in his pedigree.

We are very satisfied with our baby!

And of course, I can not say thank you to Gail, who entrusted us with this treasure ...


color: blue point bicolor, 100% traditional pedigree

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